The Alternative Programs, Inc. is more than just a service agency, she’s also a social justice and civil rights facilitator! Our founder, Ms. Georgia Jones-Ayers led the way in facilitating critical police/community relations in the 1960’s, ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Her fearless acts of love for the community landed her square in the middle of some of America’s most dangerous instances of civil unrest, right here in Miami. But with the backbone of a gladiator, she showed an uncommon strength and resiliency that broke barriers and paved the way for a new norm throughout South Florida. When she started The Alternative to Incarceration project in 1982 (later incorporating in May of 1986), she did so with the intent of saving lives, restoring families, empowering youth and preserving civil rights. Today, after thirty-six (36) years of service, TAP has done a phenomenal job of accomplishing her mission.

The work of The Alternative Programs translates to thousands of low-income and homeless men, women, children and minorities receiving the help that they, and so many more, so desperately need; it translates to an adult whose felony charges may be dropped as a result of successful completion of the program; and it translates to a young man who finally gained the support system that he needed – to go to college. This is an example of the great legacy of Georgia Jones-Ayers. This is the work – of her Alternative Programs.


  • Donate – The mission of TAP is an ambitious one. We hope to expand our operations to cover every courtroom in Miami-Dade County and provide an expanded continuum of care for adults and juveniles alike. But we’ll need your financial support in order to be successful. Be a champion donor today with a gift of any amount towards the promotion of TAP’s vision.
  • Volunteer – Are you a college student seeking hands-on experience in social work or the criminal justice field? Or are you a retired professional, looking to pay it forward for our children or the homeless community? Contact us and learn about how you can volunteer today!
  • Be an Advocate – Stay connected through our Blog to learn about key opportunities to support the work and sustainability of TAP! Attend and speak at a public hearing, write letters, make phone calls! If TAP is important to you and your community then take to the streets in advocacy with us!